Where Does the Money Go With Remodeling Projects?

What Costs Are Associated With Home Remodeling


Home remodeling does come with various types of costs, some of which are not always readily apparent to homeowners before they embark on a project. Which is why we at Griff Construction and Property Management LLC have written this informative blog on what you should expect.


Homeowners need to be prepared for 3 general stages of remodeling costs: the planning and permit stage, the actual construction stage, and the after-effects of remodeling, which can include an increase of both taxes and insurance premiums. Remodeling estimates must take all these potential costs into consideration first, so a more informed budget is drawn up before work even starts.


Remodeling costs will always start with the planning stage. Unless the homeowner is a professional architect, then one will be needed to plan more extensive remodels. The architect’s fee depends on the size and scope of the project, in addition to the professional’s experience level.


Permit costs must be considered during this stage also. Although rules do vary by location, most renovations will need municipal building permits. This is especially true when a home addition is part of the remodeling project. A building permit usually comes with a fee for the license itself, and the process could also require an expert, like a lawyer, who will speak before the governing body granting authorization. The professional fees should also be considered as part of the remodeling costs.


The bulk of the expenses will usually be incurred during the construction stage. Most projects will require the homeowner to hire one or multiple contractors. Large projects, especially, will need a contractor to execute the architect’s drawings. They will charge in one of two ways, a flat rate or a percentage of the project cost. With the former, homeowners will know right from the outset how much they need to budget in order to cover contractor costs; however, a percentage fee will only be a rough estimate.


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