Painting Tips From a Pro Painter

Your Property Deserves It

Painting a house can be a huge undertaking. Because of this, hiring a professional painter is always recommended. However, if you’re the DIY type, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not wasting any money, so here are a few painting tips from a professional:

Prep Work

Preparing your walls should have started before you unpacked your paint. Cleaning the walls will ensure you get a high-quality finish, while also removing all the grime, dirt, and dust that could damage your newly painted walls. If you don’t have a vacuum and steam cleaner, use old newspapers and a damp towel to wipe away any dust, then dry the surface and rub it with a dry towel. You can also use an old t-shirt to wipe down all the trim around doors and windows.

Add a Second or Third Coat

A primer or undercoat is required before you apply a top coat, which is why it’s important to add a second or third coat. If you’re painting a large area, your specialist will consider applying a second coat once the first one has dried. However, if you’re painting just a few spots, you’ll want to do a second coat. A third coat can be added after the first and/or second dry. Your expert will also discuss this with you and advise you on the best way to proceed, depending on the size of the area.

Protecting Exposed Wood

Wood is a beautiful material, however, it’s susceptible to moisture. So if the wood is exposed to too much moisture, it can start to rot, which is why your professional will consider painting the exposed wood before you start. Your painting expert may also suggest painting all the trim around doors and windows. This will act as a protective barrier for your walls and help to stop water from seeping into your walls.

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