Elegant Interior Trim Ideas

As a homeowner, you should know that the molding or millwork used to frame your windows, doors, floors, and walls helps emphasize the architectural design of your house. If you want to modify the appearance of your property, make sure you take note of the interior trim for your home renovation project.


Here are some remarkable trim ideas you should check out:


Colonial Style 

This sort of look is usually found in Colonial houses in the United States. It is a fundamental one-piece baseboard with a rear band that forms a trim within two finished edges. To place this kind of frame, you can utilize rosettes or miters at the head and upon the floor at the foot. A plinth chunk is also a well-known finish for this design and gives you a much clearer and simpler shift to the ground and baseboard.


Victorian Style

This lovely design is more complex than the other common look mentioned above. This type of trim is frequently observed in Victorian style properties throughout the country. The molding is half round and back band by lumber. To establish this type, you must get the half-round already pre-assembled. The header and the sides are combined by utilizing rosette blocks. Ask your home renovation professional to help you achieve this vintage look.


Combination Style

This one doesn’t go with just one distinct style. It comprises a one-piece baseboard and a back band succession. The header of this look highlights a bed crown form and bead trim. The headers are split at the bottom, and the surfaces of this style can be achieved using broader finish boards. If your residential property has very high ceilings or more spacious spaces, this can be perfect for you and your family.


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