3 Indicators That the Interior Wall Needs Painting

Know when To Hire Home Renovation Contractors


Every home must feel comfortable and look appealing. When it comes to looks, paint is the first thing people see. On top of that, paint is your defense against elements such as pests and extreme weather. Deciding to paint the walls in your home is beneficial! Not only will this improve the comfort of your home, but it also offers benefits that can help your family. If painting the walls has been on your mind, then maybe it’s time to ask for a quote from multiple home renovation contractors. However, before hiring a contractor, you must learn about the 3 signs that you need interior painting, including:



If the walls need painting, think about the last time you did it. New coats of paint will hide damage, imperfection, and change the ambiance of the room, so there’s no specific time to schedule this service. If you were able to maintain your walls without damages, then consider applying a new coat of paint after 5 years. One of the best paint brands can last for about 10 years. Make sure to factor in things like style or trends, and you’ll understand why most homeowners paint their walls before the recommended time.


Fading paint

Darker shades fade faster than lighter ones, even if both will fade over time. Modern-day brands feature fade-resistant technology, but even they will succumb to wear and tear as the years pass by. Walls constantly exposed to sunlight will fade more quickly than walls in a shaded room. Fading can also stem from chemical agents, improper painting techniques, or low-quality paint. No matter the case is, it can turn your appealing home into an old-looking one. Home renovation contractors can easily address this problem by using the newest and best paint brands in the market to combat fading.



Many cases of cracking paint lead to problems on the walls in your home. Extreme cold or heat, age, improper surface preparations before painting are the three most common causes of cracking paint. Not only does cracking paint look unappealing, but it can also build the entrance for pests, which is something you want in your home if there’s major damage to the boards. If you see the premature signs of cracking, call a contractor!


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